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UB Preamp

UB Preamp

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UB is the UBiquitous preamp! It's a Utility Box, Universal Buffer, and the Ultimate Booster! UB Features simultaneous "U"nbalanced and "B"alanced outputs and an unprecedented 40db of clean gain, or 100x the input signal! SHOCKING! 

A high impedance input accepts any instrument. The "U" output is optimized for guitar pedals and effects, while the "B" output is designed for pro audio gear. Enjoy easy access to parallel processing for live performance, or creative recording! 

Reference-grade opamps provide wide frequency response from 10Hz-100kHz. Hear your guitars and basses for the first time! Unlock hidden tones from synthesizers and electric pianos! Get the most from modulars, samplers, homemade instruments, pickups, piezos, dynamic mics, and transducers of all types. Reamp your DAW!

UB can be just as ugly as it is beautiful! Saturate tubes, transformers, tape machines, and amps! Crush drums! The only limitation is your imagination.


Power supply included.

An Original Kevin Burgin Design.

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