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Sure Thing Mic Pre

Sure Thing Mic Pre

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Sure Thing is the only microphone preamp made specifically for the Shure SM7b Mic! The Shure SM7b is a wonderful mic, with a big problem; it requires a ton of gain to work properly. Most mic preamps, especially those found in computer interfaces don't have enough gain, or headroom.

Problem Solved! The Sure Thing provides 80db of gain! It also features a Mute Switch, so that you can easily avoid problems like feedback, on stage, or in the studio. The Mute Switch is strong enough to be pressed with your foot, like a guitar pedal! It glows blue when Sure Thing is on, and red when MUTE is engaged.

It also works great with Shure SM57/58 and any Dynamic mic, ribbon mic, Tube Mic --or any mic that doesn't require, or has its own 48v phantom power. 

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