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iO Monitor Controller

iO Monitor Controller

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A proper volume control is an essential component for anyone using speakers! iO is designed to be your constant companion through a lifetime of smooth transitions! 

It all begins with a NOS 3" Daka-ware Collins Radio Knob. Of course, a knob this spectacular needs a potentiometer to match! For this, we chose custom audiophile pots from Alps Japan. Stereo inputs and outputs are accessible via Neutrik's finest 1/4" TRS Jacks. These premium components are housed in a beautiful, hand-etched aluminum enclosure! Just like your sound, each one is unique!

 iO is passive and does not require power! It is 100% analog and has nothing in the signal path to color or negatively impact your audio. iO accepts both unbalanced and balanced signals! Plug in & turn up!

An Original Design By Leland Jones & Kevin Burgin

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